Revolutionise SAP Pricing with Flintfox

Flintfox offers enhanced pricing and rebate capabilities for SAP customers, natively integrated inside SAP ECC, SAP Business One and S/4HANA. This provides enhanced pricing performance, maintenance capabilities, and the ability to expose pricing externally at speed and scale.

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Enhance your pricing performance

Many businesses face the challenge of needing real-time pricing capabilities outside of SAP due to its inherent slowness. Flintfox provides a solution that enables you to extract and deliver large catalogs and price files efficiently, ensuring you can maintain up-to-date pricing information without delays.

Managing all pricing requirements within the SAP application can be daunting due to its complexity. Flintfox simplifies this process, allowing you to handle your pricing needs with ease. For those with multiple ERPs, Flintfox offers a centralised pricing hub, streamlining your pricing operations across various platforms.

Additionally, Flintfox addresses the difficulties in managing Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs), providing a robust solution that enhances your pricing strategies and ensures smooth, accurate pricing management.

Take your pricing to the Cloud

Take your pricing to the Cloud

Dealing with complex pricing challenges within SAP ECC and a looming upgrade to S/4HANA? Flintfox can resolve your pricing issues now and seamlessly transition with you to S/4HANA, ensuring your pricing solutions evolve alongside your business needs.

Flintfox offers you a pricing bridging strategy so you don’t have to wait to upgrade your pricing capabilities. With a native integration into SAP ECC, Flintfox enables you to transform your pricing operations today and then seamlessly transition you to S/4 HANA without any interruptions to your daily pricing operations.

‘Flintfox opens up a world of trade promotion opportunities for us. We’ve been looking for a solution for the past four years to manage our pricing and Flintfox is the only one we have found that addresses our pricing challenges." ’

Micheal van Druten Chief Financial Officer, EuroVintage

‘The Flintfox Intelligent Pricing Platform meets our needs, with a unique and tailored service that matches the size and complexity of our business.’

Akash Khurana Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Officer
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Calculate and deliver pricing, rebates, claims and deductions in real-time so you can protect margins and maximise revenue.

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