About EuroVintage

EuroVintage is one of New Zealand’s largest distributors of imported and local wine, beer, and spirits to a range of resellers. Independent and privately owned, they have been in the distribution industry for over 20 years.

Why they chose Flintfox

  • More accurate pricing is achieved with Flintfox’s Performance Pricing engine which updates prices in real time, across all sales channels.
  • A solution that interfaces with their SAP ERP is a more efficient way to manage pricing and promotions.
  • The flexibility to offer a range of discounts, as well as including and excluding any combination of products and customers.

The Challenge

Since EuroVintage handles a large number of brands with products distributed nationwide to supermarkets, liquor stores, bars, and restaurants, they struggled to find a solution to manage their rapidly evolving business. With regularly changing vintages and prices, they required a system with flexibility and accuracy that had the ability to handle complex pricing and promotion demands as the business continued to grow.

EuroVintage had implemented modifications to their SAP Business One ERP system to address their pricing needs, however, these modifications quickly became out of date in what is a demanding and competitive industry. In addition, there is an increasing demand from retailers for distributors like EuroVintage, to apply discounts off-invoice and based on volume breaks as part of a promotion. To manage this activity, the company needed access to more accurate pricing in order to stay competitive whilst reducing the number of pricing errors requiring time and effort to resolve.

Finally, EuroVintage required a more efficient way to manage pricing and promotions as they still relied too heavily on spreadsheets. They knew that having a more efficient system in place would help them deliver consistently accurate trade pricing to their customers in regards to vintage changes, buying groups and trade terms which was becoming increasingly necessary.

Bottles of wine for sale on racks in winery shop tasting room, Nelson, New Zealand. Selective focus on foreground.

The Solution

With Flintfox, EuroVintage provides the ability to offer a wider range of discounts and promotions with advanced pricing rules. Rules can be based on date, type of discount (list, net, $, %, range), or promotion to any customer or grouping on any selection of products. This gives the EuroVintage Sales teams more negotiating power while protecting their margins and revenue, eliminating any unwanted credit notes from incorrect pricing. This offers more flexibility and helps them keep pace with the rapidly changing trading environment.

Flintfox’s flexible pricing levels are based on:

  • Volume
  • Range of products – both the inclusion and exclusion of any items
  • Discounts based on order value, volume and UOM quantity

‘Flintfox opens up a world of trade promotion opportunities for us. We’ve been looking for a solution for the past four years to manage our pricing and Flintfox is the only one we have found that addresses our pricing challenges.’

‘Flintfox opens up a world of trade promotion opportunities for us. We’ve been looking for a solution for the past four years to manage our pricing and Flintfox is the only one we have found that addresses our pricing challenges." ’

Micheal van Druten Chief Financial Officer, EuroVintage

‘As a conservative estimate, Flintfox drove an extra £5 million into the business in year one.’

Phil Corner Supplier Funding Manager, The Very Group
Employee packaging up clothes

‘With Flintfox for AX we have a solution that will not only manage our rebates and promotions effectively but will allow us to roll out a standard solution across all our companies around the world.’

Managing Director

‘Thanks to Flintfox’s solution our users will be able to see the impact on gross margins of each price plan including the impact of quantity discounts and deals; vendor support; and RIPS per product and customer; prior to executing in the field.’

Managing Director Opici Family Distributing
Opici Family Distributing

‘The Flintfox Intelligent Pricing Platform meets our needs, with a unique and tailored service that matches the size and complexity of our business.’

Akash Khurana Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Officer
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The Flintfox team includes industry-leaders with expert knowledge, who developed their craft over thousands of projects. We make complex pricing and rebates simple, for clients in many industries across the globe.

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