Price Waterfalls

Create pricing strategies to cater to any selling or purchasing channel from one central source. Our tools give ultimate flexibility and control across markets, channels and products, in any combination of priced vs. accrued and claimed or paid later, waterfall.

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What it does

Flintfox offers unparalleled flexibility in pricing strategy setup and control. The entire pricing waterfall can be viewed from any combination of customer, vendor or product with a price inquiry.

The system automatically retrieves all valid agreements that meet your criteria, and presents a comprehensive breakdown of the full price waterfall. You can even access every element that influenced the final figure.

You also have the flexibility to make adjustments by monetary amount, percentage, quantity break, rebate or accrual. This gives you precise control over your pricing.

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What it solves

Flintfox can accommodate a range of pricing management situations, with a low-code or no-code approach.

The price waterfalls allow you to build a versatile library of pricing and promotional methodologies. You can define agreements and rules across any customer, vendor and channel, either by product or product attribute.

This flexibility ensures that you can manage and control price levels effectively. You can also develop strategies that meet specific market demands and operational requirements.

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The outcome

Achieve instant visibility of your margins in real-time, with detailed insights. This immediate access to critical financial data empowers you to make informed decisions swiftly.

With Flintfox, you can enhance your ability to respond to market changes and optimise profitability.

Seamless integration with your ERP

Ready to get started?

Calculate and deliver pricing, rebates, claims and deductions in real-time so you can protect margins and maximise revenue.

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