Margin Visibility

View gross sales statistics and margins across customers, vendors and products. Identify margin leakage with price change impacts and year-on-year margin trends.

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What it does

Flintfox provides immediate insight into financial performance across various business dimensions.

This tool provides instant oversight of gross sales statistics and analyses margins. You can gain insights for any combination of customers, vendors, products and groups. Margins are visible in the price waterfall in enquiries, reports and the P&L after invoices are posted.

Powered by an intuitive, flexible dashboard driven by Microsoft Power BI, this solution allows for quick identification of margin leakage. The platform also supports proactive decision-making in competitive selling environments.

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What it solves

Our platform gives you a comprehensive understanding of financial health across different segments of your business.

You can eliminate the complexities of manually aggregating and analysing vast amounts of financial data. Instead, you have total control with a centralised, easily navigable view of key financial metrics.

Using these insights, you can swiftly pinpoint areas of concern, such as margin leakage, and understand the financial impact of pricing decisions in real-time.

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The outcome

With Flintfox, businesses benefit from enhanced financial oversight and the ability to react quickly to market changes.

The instant visibility into real-time margins, and the detailed year-on-year margin analysis, empower businesses to make informed pricing adjustments and strategic decisions. This level of insight ensures that companies can maintain a competitive edge and optimise profitability through effective margin management.

Seamless integration with your ERP

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Calculate and deliver pricing, rebates, claims and deductions in real-time so you can protect margins and maximise revenue.

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