Flintfox Pricing Engine Built with Support for Microsoft Azure

Flintfox releases hyper-speed pricing engine, built with support for Microsoft Azure, and completes its Intelligent Pricing Platform.

Auckland, New Zealand — Flintfox has followed the release of its hyper-performance pricing engine, a standalone pricing and rebate solution that can be integrated to any ERP.

The Flintfox Performance Pricing Engine is built with support for the trusted Microsoft Azure cloud platform. With the Flintfox pricing engine and web application installed and hosted in Azure Virtual Machines, users can maintain their promotions, pricing and rebates from any location and device using a modern web browser, and can calculate pricing in real-time from any ERP that has access to the Azure cloud. Black Friday and seasonal peaks are no match for Flintfox running on Azure Virtual Machines and Azure SQL Database.

The performance of the Flintfox pricing engine has opened up a range of new applications, allowing customers to standardize and control their pricing, including promotions and incentives such as rebates across e-commerce, CPQ, CRM, handheld devices, and even multiple ERPs across the same enterprise. Flintfox has added transaction-level rebate accruals for both vendor and customer transactions all within a closed-loop system.

“The Microsoft technology stack that supports Flintfox is the best we could find. We developed a memory-resident database technology highly optimized for price calculation workloads to deliver the pricing speed our clients could only dream of, and it’s exceeded even our expectations,” said James Lett, Flintfox CTO.

Flintfox has been developing pricing and rebate management solutions in the trade revenue space for over 20 years, but with the introduction of the Flintfox Pricing Engine late last year, its incredible performance was a game-changer. Flintfox now has a fully integrated pricing and rebate management solution with hyper-speed performance, a single source of pricing truth, and customer and vendor rebates for any sales channel.

Speed is important when it comes to pricing: It needs to be instantaneous. RMx delivers more than 5,000 calculated prices per second and integrates easily to any ERP or financial system.

“Our intention is to now make the Flintfox pricing engine architecture framework available to our customers and partners as a rapid development tool. Any cloud application can be built using the Flintfox framework for any bespoke solution, another great benefit from Flintfox,” said Mike Ridgway, Flintfox CEO.

“We are pleased to see Flintfox benefit from Microsoft Azure. Flintfox is a trusted partner based in the APAC region, and with Azure they are able to enhance their offering to empower customers across the supply chain.”

Navneet Joneja, Head of Product for Azure Virtual Machines, Microsoft Corp